What an incredible evening! The films were a smash, and the atmosphere was electric! What a wonderful time for horror fans! A huge thank you once again to our sponsors, whithout whom, this wouldn’t be possible: The Welden Theatre, Twiggs Restaurant, Mike Pieciak, Catalyst Coffee Bar, Salon Elixir, Keycode Media and Sony!

πŸ‘»The WinnersπŸ‘»
πŸ† ‘Best Picture’ – The Reading
πŸ† ‘Best Scare’ – Tape #3
πŸ† ‘Best Acting’ – The Reading
πŸ† ‘Best Cinematography’ – Minerva
πŸ† ‘Best Costume/Makeup’ – The Last Resort Of The Living Dead
πŸ† ‘Best Film Editing’ – Tape #3
πŸ† ‘Best Production Design’ – Minerva
πŸ† ‘Best Screenplay’ – The Reading
πŸ† ‘Best Sound Design’ – The Reading
πŸ† ‘Best Special Effects’ – Midnight Oil

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