2019 Awards & Recap | Season VII

It was another great year of ‘Nightmares’—congratulations to our film festival winners.

Opening Night was a blast!

The consensus was clear: 2019 was the best ‘Nightmares’ yet. I think that’s because it was so easy to see the creativity and care that each of the filmmakers put into their work.

I’m so glad we have this community to celebrate them in such a big way.

Also, I just added this year’s short films to our YouTube channel. Watch the latest films (or 70+ other original Vermont horror films) at any time and on any device.

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Each film contributed to an incredible night. On behalf of our judges this year, however, I’d like to congratulate our winners:

🏆 ‘Best Picture’ & ‘Best Film Editing’
🏆 ‘Viewers Choice’ | ‘Best Horror’ & ‘Best Costume’
🏆 ‘Best Special Effects’
🏆 ‘Best Cinematography’ & ‘Best Sound Design’
🏆 ‘Best Acting’
🏆 ‘Best Production Design’
🏆 ‘Best Screenplay’

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for watching—it means a lot. I hope you enjoy the films as much as I do.

Next year?

It’s never too early to start making a film for the festival. If you’re interested in submitting your work in 2020, consider visiting our submissions page—everything you need to know is there.

Until next year, friends.

— Zach